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  • About
    Formerly this project was known as OrionKit.Com
    But for some not depending reason it doesn’t anymore
    Couple of us decided continue working on the project and besides going concentrate on very interesting extensions. We need your help to go on develop products.
    Read more about extensions and sponsorship…
  • What We Do
    • check Joomla Modules
    • check Joomla Components
    • check Joomla Templates

    And Now…

    • check WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress
    Some users know Orion Kit , which developed Joomla templates and extensions, and probably wonders why we started make WordPress Plugins as well.
    There’s no simple answer.
    Actually at the beginning we developed WP Sites, but those time WordPress seemed to be rather simple and not good enough for anything except blogs, so we concetrated on Joomla. But recently we had done some extensions for wordpress, so decided why not.
    WordPress has much bigger audience, and actually much easier than Joomla!
    Also to have more users and extension sales will help the project to exist.
    So, Welcome WordPress Fans
  • Joomla!

OSS Cards Plugin – The main features

  • Contain images/icons, titles, subtitles, descriptions and links
  • Two layout – horizontal or vertical
  • Preset styles for images
  • Full customization of all elements – live preview
  • And much much more, just test it online, no registration or login required

Road Map

The following extensions coming soon…


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