Mega Menu

For mega menu for wordpress situation a little complicated

At the the beginning i planned to do it about same as for Joomla! one(it’s succesfull, but not still easy to manage) IE to use existing menu and add options to it but But for wordpress i had found more options – It’s very easier than Joomla! – as all links for menu can be only posit item, taxonomies, or custom link

Not sure eveyone understands it – but who know will undersand

Why Mega Menu?

What is Mega Menu?
Technical term Mega Menu has the sertain definition -it’s  is an expandable dropdown panel displays navigation to site visitors and in contrast to usual menus it has additional options.

As a user i used different types on different platforms, some was nice, some not good.
As a demanding user I wanted more options and never could get enough, even using commercial extension of developers which are supposed to be best in Joomla and WordPress development
As developer I decided to do better:)
Could i do it or not only you can be judgesWhat I have done?

First of all I found all the best existing mega menus, there’s a lot of examples, but all are in html, where you can write everything adding some css and js, but you can’t do it for CMS where you have array of objects and you should render it as list in certain multiple level order, besides you have to add some additional data.
First mega menu i did for Joomla as a package (module-plugin). Through it was nice, but it was boring and dificalt to manage as to add extra data you need to edit every menu item in menu manager, but add style options im module setting.
It’s ready version lite for joomla for now(download, demo).
It has following options:

  • Layout – horizontal or vertical
  • Menu Items Icons
  • Menu Items Subtitle
  • Icon Colors
  • Height of top level
  • Submenu width
  • Menu items align
  • Mobile adaptation – off-canvas panel or slide down
  • Additional custom css field

It’s coming soon version 1.1.0 with some fixing and improvements.

After that WordPress version will be released as well. Premium versions will be released after adding all pro features and all testing.

Additionally to the options above it has following options:

  • Badges
  • Tooltips
  • Preview Images
  • Multi Column Styles
  • Additional Dropdown Style
  • Additional Hover Style
  • Full customization(colors, shadows etc)

Thanks for reading.
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